Policies in Viet Nam

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Policy Start date End year
National Action Plan on Communication and Advocacy for Dietary Salt Intake Reduction for Prevention and Control of Hypertension, Stroke and Other Non-Communicable Diseases, Period 2018-2025 2018 2025
NGHỊ ĐỊNH Quy định về kinh doanh và sử dụng sản phẩm dinh dưỡng dùng cho trẻ nhỏ, bình bú và vú ngậm nhân tạo [DECREE On trading in and using of nutritional products for infants, feeding bottles and dummies] 2015 ---
Joint circular of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural development, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Ministry of Health 2014 ---
Law on Advertising 2012 ---
National Plan of Action for Infant and Young Child Feeding 2012 2015
National Plan of Action on Nutrition 2012 2015
United Nations Development Assistance Framework for Viet Nam- "One Plan" 2012 2016
Health sector plan 2011 2020
National Nutrition Strategy for 2011-2020, With a vision toward 2030 2011 2020
National Child Survival Action Plan 2010 2015
Labour Code dated 23 June 1994, as amended to 2 April 2002 (effective 1 January 2003), [Law 35-2002-QH10]. Law amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Labour Code dated 29 November 2006 (effective 1 July 2007) also attached. Published by th 2007 ---
National IYCF Action Plan 2006 2010
National Nutrition Action Plan 2006 2010
Socio-economic plan 2006 2010
Decree on Trading In and Use of Nutritious Products for Infants (No. 21/2006/ND-CP) 2006 ---
Joint Circular No. 04/2001/TTLT/YT-TM-VHTT-UBBVCSTEVN guiding the implementation of Decree No. 74/2000/ND/CP of the Government on trading in and use of mother milk substitutes to protect and encourage breast-feeding 2001 ---
National Nutrition Strategy 2001 2010
National Plan of Action for Nutrition 1995 2000
Decree No. 19/1999/ND-CP on the production and supply of iodised salt for human use --- ---