Search page

On the search page, the user has the possibility to query the database using various criteria on the right sidebar, with the results table appearing on the center of the page. The default view when opening this page is to see all the published data selected.

Using the free text search field on the right sidebar allows the user to search for specific keywords in nutrition policies and actions including in any policy attachments.

The year ranges allow specifying a time period.

When you click to select, the chosen criteria will change to a blue background. To deselect the criteria, click again and the blue background colour will disappear.

The active policy and programme/action filter criteria appear on top of the results table. Based on the search criteria applied the result will appear in the table.

User can click on the option to display the results on a map.

If the search has less than 100 results, the user can export data (i.e. policies and actions) by clicking on the export button.

To reset the search page to the default view with no criteria selected click on the button <Reset Filters> on the top of the right sidebar.