What data can be found in GINA

Policies: The GINA policy section tracks commitments to ensuring good nutrition demonstrated in policy and legislative documents. Documents can be specific to nutrition, e.g. national nutrition policies, vitamin A strategies, or codes of marketing of breast-milk substitutes. Documents can also have broader scopes, e.g. health or agriculture sector strategies, or development plans. Documents include policies, strategies, action plans and legislation. Read more about the policy and legislation data in GINA

Programmes and actions: The GINA action section tracks action taken to improve nutrition as implemented through programmes and interventions. The programmes are user-defined and can contain an unlimited number of pre-defined nutrition actions, including both nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive interventions. Pre-defined actions span from e.g. Feeding of low-birth-weight infants to Implementation of maternity protection, and cover all age groups. 

Mechanisms: The GINA mechanisms section contains information on mechanisms relevant to nutrition. Examples are multisectoral or multistakeholder nutrition coordination mechanisms as well as mechanisms for monitoring compliance with legislation such as codes of marketing of breast-milk substitutes.