Map page

This page consists of an interactive map on top and a results table below.


The map shows the published actions and policies according to nutrition themes over time. The default view is to see all policies and actions published in GINA. The user can then filter for a specific theme, select a country or zoom into a region. The patterns on the map indicate where these policies and actions are implemented and whenever an action-entry provides location names, these are depicted as geo-pins. Multi actions around the same location appear as points with the number of actions. Movement at the bottom of the map indicates that the page is loading or being refreshed. Depending on connectivity this can take a moment.

The left sidebar contains the legend and filter options for the map. The sidebar can be hidden by clicking on the small arrow. The theme drop down menu allows to deselect all and select one or several themes of interest Users can select to view Actions and/or Policies by ticking or un-ticking the respective checkboxes. When users change the selection of themes, policies/actions and indicators on the left sidebars, the map refreshes automatically. Users can also include other nutrition indicators by selecting from the drop-down list on the left sidebar.

To export the map click on the Export map button. The button changes to “Processing…” while the map is being exported. The map opens in a separate window and the user has to accept the pop-up notification. To save the map right-click on the image and specify the file location. The image format is *.png  and can be inserted into documents or presentations.

To view the evolution of action and policy implementation over time, move the time slider at the bottom of the map. Use the zoom in or out on the top right of the map to focus on a region or country.

Clicking on a specific country triggers a pop-up window with summary information and the selected country is highlighted with an orange borderline. To close the pop-up window click on the upper right hand corner. This will also deselect the country and reset the map and results table to default.

Results table

The content displayed on the results table is driven by what the user selects on the map.

The results table is only updated when the user changes a parameter on the map (as adding a theme, or removing an indicator, or zooming in for detailed view). Otherwise, the user has to click on the “Update results table” button. 

The tables default view lists the published policy and action titles by country in alphabetical order. All columns in the table are sortable and buttons at the bottom of the table allow users to export the entire data set in CSV format.

To view the details of an action or policy, click on the title in the table. This link opens the corresponding factsheet.