Policy - Mother's Milk Substitutes (Control of Sale and Distribution) Act, 2049 (1992)

August 1992
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August 1992
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Legislation relevant to nutrition


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The Act provides for the establishment of a breastfeeding protection and promotion committee, defines its internal organization and lays down its duties and powers which include: to supervise the compliance with this Act; to review and approve the labels submitted by the manufacturers and distributors which are in conformity with the provisions of this Act; and to formulate a national policy for the protection and promotion of breastfeeding. The Act further specifies the acts prohibited by manufacturers and distributors and makes provision for: the certification of products from the central food laboratory; the labelling of products; and the conformity to the standards of the Nepal Bureau of Standards. In addition the Act provides for: powers of inspectors; penalties; rule making powers of His Majesty’s Government; etc.

(Summary retrieved from FAOLEX)


WHO (2013) Country implementation of the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes: Status report 2011 (http://www.who.int/nutrition/publications/infantfeeding/statusreport2011...) / ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Summary and document retrieved from FAOLEX - legislative database of FAO Legal Office / http://faolex.fao.org

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Scope of the Code: 0-12 months of age

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