Policy - National Plan of Action for Nutrition for China

Published by:
The Ministry of Health
Published year:
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General Office of the State Council
Type of policy:
Comprehensive national nutrition policy, strategy or plan


Goals, objectives or targets related to nutrition: 

General goal

 Ensuring food supply and implementation of appropriate interventions to alleviate hunger and food shortage, reduce the incidence of energy-protein malnutrition, prevent, control and eliminate micronutrient deficiencies. Through proper guidance to food consumption behavior, improvement of dietary patterns and promotion of healthy life style, improve the general nutrition status of the people and prevent nutrition-related chronic disease.


Specific objectives

1 The average per capita daily energy intake is reach 2,600 kcal, protein intake 72 grams, and fat intake 72 grams, in poverty areas it should reach 2,600 kcal, 67 grams and 51 grams respectively.

2 Lower the prevalence of iron deficiency anemia among children and pregnant women by one third of that in 1990.

3 Raise the exclusive breastfeeding rate of 4-6 month infant, and achieve breastfeeding rate to reach 80% at provincial basis by the year 2000.

4 By the year 2000, reduce the prevalence of moderate and severe malnutrition among children aged under five by 50 % of that in 1990.

5 It is to basically eliminate vitamin A deficiency among children aged under five by the year 2000.

6 Eliminate iodine deficient disorder in the country by the year 2000.

7 Decrease incidence increase of nutrition-related chronic diseases that are on the increase.

8 The targets set forth for production of agricultural products are as following:

Products                                           production (in million tons)

Grains (including soybean)                 490-500

Soybean                                           17.8

Meats                                               68

Eggs                                                 22

Milk and milk products                         8

Aquatic products                                 40

Oilseeds                                            25

Sugar crops                                     90-110

Vegetables                                        260

Fruits                                                 62


9 The proportion of processed food to be increased from the current 30% of total food production to 40% in the future.

10 Increase the production of micronutrient-rich processed cereal products and nutrient-fortified food in compliance with national standards.

11 Provide iodized salt universally.


WHO Global Database on National Nutrition Policies and Programmes

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