Policy - Public Health Strategy for 2011-2017

End year:
Published by:
Ministry of Health of the Republic of Latvia
Published year:
October 2011
Is the policy document adopted?:
Adopted year:
October 2011
Adopted by:
Cabinet of Ministers
Type of policy:
Health sector policy, strategy or plan with nutrition components


Goals, objectives or targets related to nutrition: 

The aim of a public health policy is to prolong the healthy life years of the Latvian population and to prevent untimely deaths, while maintaining, improving and restoring health.


To be achieved by 2017:

  • To increase by two years the healthy life years of individuals (from 52.6 healthy life years for men in 2009 to 54.7 years in 2017, and from 55.8 healthy life years for women in 2009 to 57. 8 years in 2017).
  • To decrease by 20% the potential years of life lost  (from 85,338 potential years of life lost among men in 2009 to 68,270 in 2017, and from 35,793 potential years of life lost among women in 2009 to 28,634 in 2017).


To reach the main aim of the public health policy, the following objectives have been set considering Nutrition:

  • To improve the health of mother and child, and decrease infant mortality.
  • To decrease the rates of morbidity and mortality from non-infectious diseases, and to decrease the negative impact of risk factors upon the health.
  • To eliminate inequality in the field of healthcare services, by implementing measures to ensure equal opportunities for all Latvian inhabitants to access healthcare services.

Head of Division of health Promotion, Department of Public Health, Ministry of Health

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