Policy - Philippine Plan of Action for Nutrition

End date:
Published by:
National Nutrition Council Metro Manila, Philippines
Published year:
January 1994
Is the policy document adopted?:
Adopted year:
Adopted by:
The President and Cabinet
Type of policy:
Comprehensive national nutrition policy, strategy or plan


Goals, objectives or targets related to nutrition: 

The MTPFNP/PPAN 1993-1998 aims to improve the nutritional status of Filipinos by reducing the prevalence of protein-energy malnutrition. It also aims to prevent, control, and eliminate micronutrient deficiencies.

 More specifically, the plan shall contribute to the achievement of the following objectives:

  1. Reduce the prevalence of preschoolers with weights less than 75 percent of standard weight-for-age from 11.9 percent(1.4 million) to 8.4 percent(1.0 million);
  2. Reduce the prevalence of school children aged 7 to 10 years with weight less than 75 percent of standard weight-for-age from 11.9 percent(0.8 million) to 8.4 percent(0.6 million);
  3. Reduce the prevalence of iron deficiency anemia among infants, pregnant and lactating women, preschoolers and school children by 10 percent(from 24.3 million to 21.9 million);
  4. Virtually eliminate iodine deficiency disorders;
  5. Virtually eliminate clinical vitamin A deficiency among preschoolers; and
  6. Increase the daily average per capita energy intake from 1872 kcal. to 1997 kcal..

WHO Global Database on National Nutrition Policies and Programmes

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