Policy - National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty NSGRP II

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United republic of Tanzania, Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs
Published year:
July 2010
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No / No information
Type of policy:
Multisectoral development plan with nutrition components


Goals, objectives or targets related to nutrition: 

4 .1 Cluster I: Growth for Reduction of Income Poverty

Goal 4 Ensuring Food and Nutrition Security, Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation
The goal aims at achieving security in food nutrition and environmental sustainability. It also aims at addressing and dealing with adverse effect of climate change . Following are targets under the goal;
Operational targets
i .  Food security at household, district, regional, and national levels ensured through increasing food crops, livestock and fishery production;
ii .  Nutrition of infant, young children and mothers promoted;
iii .  Strategic Grain Reserve of at least 4 month of national food requirement maintained;
iv .  Crop and livestock varieties suited to adverse conditions brought about by climate change introduced and adopted;
v .  Climate change projection and early warning and natural disaster response, coordination framework strengthened

4.2 Cluster II: Improvement of Quality of Life and Social Well-being

Goal 3 Improving survival, Health, Nutrition and Well Being, Especially for Children, Women and Vulnerable Groups
Operational targets and strategic interventions for achieving this goal have been identified based on the strategic areas and targets defined in the National Health Policy 2007, Health Sector Strategic Plan III (2008-2015), Primary Health Services Development Programme 2007-2017, Human Resource for Health Strategic Plan 2008-2013, the National Road Map Strategic Plan to Accelerate Reduction of Maternal, Newborn and Child Deaths in Tanzania 2008-2015 (also known as ‘One Plan’), the ongoing disease specific programmes); ATM, EPI & others . The major areas are: human resources for health;; addressing fertility, maternal and neonatal health, improving child health and nutrition; and addressing HIV and AIDS .

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