Policy - Law for agriculture and rural development

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Republic of Albania, Parliament
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Republic of Albania, Parliament
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Legislation relevant to nutrition


Goals, objectives or targets related to nutrition: 

Article 1
The goal
This law determines the objectives, the means and the programming of policies for agriculture and rural development, for agriculture public service, for research and professional training, as well as for information database in the field of agriculture and rural development.

Article 3
Objectives of the policy for agriculture and rural development
The aim of the measures for the implementation of agriculture policy and of rural areas development policy is to achieve the general objectives, as follows:
a) Competitiveness, with the aim to enable the population that practices agriculture production activities as well as rural population to increase the competitive capacity in the local and international markets. It can be achieved through increase of productivity and improved efficiency of economic activities in rural areas;
b) Increase incomes and enhance prosperity of rural population by improving the working and living conditions and creating equal chances between man and woman;

c) Economic stability, through founding the guaranty of a sustainable agriculture
d) The quality of food, by ensuring that the food chain has a sustainable quality and satisfies the consumer requirements;
e) Protect and maintain the environment, through founding the guaranty that agriculture preserves the natural resources;
f) Convergence, that aims the decrease of inequality between the development level of different regions as well as the reduction of backwardness of less favored rural areas, by implementing alternative and complementary activities that generate employment with the purpose to slow down the migration rate of the population from the countryside, and by strengthening the small and medium business;
g) Food safety, by the guaranty that the food does not cause harmful effects for human health, when it is produced and consumed according to required standards.

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