Policy - National Neonatal Health Strategy and Guidelines for Bangladesh

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Published by:
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Published year:
October 2009
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No / No information
Type of policy:
Health sector policy, strategy or plan with nutrition components


Goals, objectives or targets related to nutrition: 

The goal of the National Neonatal Health Strategy 2009 is to contribute to the country's development and progress by reducing neonatal morbidity and significant reduction in neonatal mortality (22 per thousand live births by 2015) through improved policies, services and use of services by mothers before, during, and after pregnancy and at childbirth with special attention to care of neonates. This strategy has been developed for the period 2009-2015 with provision of review after three years.
The objectives are to provide guidance and recommendations to:
Strengthen service delivery at all levels to improve newborn health, using evidence-based interventions
Build capacity of health service providers at all levels to deliver quality services to address the major contributors to neonatal death, including birth asphyxia, neonatal sepsis and low birth weight
Increase awareness among mothers and their families of newborn health issues, to bring about behavior changes that reduce risks to the newborn through coordinated BCC efforts
Sustain an enabling political and policy environment that integrates maternal, neonatal, and child health interventions across different health programs to ensure consistency and optimal coverage
Improve overall management of human, physical, financial and information resources appropriately to ensure efficient delivery of neonatal interventions
Involve communities and civil society to own, oversee and ensure delivery of interventions for improving neonatal health

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