Policy - Health Population & Nutrition Sector Development Plan (HPNSDP)

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Planning Wing, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
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Health sector policy, strategy or plan with nutrition components


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The Goal is to ensure quality and equitable health care for all citizens in Bangladesh by improving access to and utilization of health, population and nutrition related services with special attention to improving the health status of the disadvantaged and the underserved - poor, women, children, elderly, marginalized and physically and psychologically challenged. The Strategic Objective of the HPNSSP is to ensure equitable and quality health care for all citizens in Bangladesh by improving access to and utilization of evidence-based high-impact health, population and nutrition related services; strengthened systems to support service delivery; and effective stewardship and governance.
The Vision of the health sector is to see the people healthier, happier and economically productive to make Bangladesh a middle income country by 2021, the golden jubilee year of Bangladesh's independence.
The Mission is to create conditions whereby the people of Bangladesh have the opportunity to reach and maintain the highest attainable level of health. This vision and mission are derived from the constitution of the People's Republic of Bangladesh that recognizes health as a fundamental basic need and, therefore, the need to promote health in the spirit of citizen right and social justice.


National Nutrition Services

4.17.2. Objectives

  • To implement a mainstreamed, comprehensive package of nutrition services to reduce maternal and child nutrition and ensure universal access
  • To develop and strengthen coordination mechanisms with key sectors (especially Ministry of Food and Disaster Management, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries, Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development and Cooperative) to ensure a multi-sectoral response to malnutrition
  • To strengthen the human resource capacity to manage, supervise and deliver nutrition services at the different levels of the health system
  • To strengthen and linked with central MIS
  • To conduct operations research for ensuring an evidence-based response.

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