Policy - Fiji Plan of Action for Nutrition (FPAN)

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Fiji Government (Cabinet)
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Comprehensive national nutrition policy, strategy or plan


Goals, objectives or targets related to nutrition: 

The broad policy goal of the Fiji Plan of Action is nutritionally healthy communities by improving the nutritional status and health of the population.

 The Objectives of FPAN are:

  •  Improvement in the overall nutritional status of  the population;
  • Improvement in eating habits of the population, more specifically among high-risk group.
  • Improvement in the availability and access to nutritious food
  • Increased production and consumption of especially local fresh food
  • Increased in acreage of agricultural land devoted to food crops
  • Establishment of agriculture research to improve post harvest quality of locally produces food, and disaster preparedness
  • Establishment of a system for estimating subsistence production
  • Promotion of implementation of food and nutrition policy for schools
  • Active participation of the private sector in support of the food and nutrition programmes and activities
  • Active participation of NGOs in the delivery of food and nutrition programmes and activities
  • Establishment of effective procedures for intersectoral cooperation in the delivery of food and nutrition related activities.
  • Establishment of food and nutrition monitoring surveillance system to periodically assess the food and nutrition situation in the country
  • Routine incorporation of nutrition objectives into the development policies and programmes
  • Improved enforcement of Food Safety Act
  • Legislation and implementation of the Fiji’s Code of Marketing Breast Milk Substitutes


 The short term medium targets of FPAN (by the year 2014) are listed below being part of the Fiji National Food and Nutrition Policy developments:

  i. Ensure a level of food supply to maintain adequate nutrition and dietary well-being for all sectors of the population by 2014 (maintain calories per day at 3040 kclal (2002 level) or reduce by 5% to 2888 kcals

 ii. Simultaneously with i) reduce imported kilo calories per capita per day to 50 % by 2014;

iii. Increase percent of population achieving minimum energy requirements (1850 kcal/day) from 47% (2004 level) to 55% by 2014

iv. Increase percent total energy from traditional starchy foods per capita (2001 level 19%) to 25% in 2014

v. By 2014, reduce % fat contribution to total kcal per capita per day from 30% (2002 level) to 25%

vi. Increase percent total population consuming at least 3 serves of fruits and vegetables per day to 50% in 2014

vii. Increase percent total population with healthy weight from 38% (2004 level) to 45% in 2014

viii. Simultaneously reduce rates of overweight and obesity from 60% (2004 level) to 55% in 2014

ix. By 2014, decrease rates of low birth weight babies from 10.2 (2004 level) to 9%

x. By 2014, decrease percent prevalence of underweight in children under 5 yrs from 7% (2004 level) to 6.5%

xi. By 2014, decrease % of anaemia in the population from 32% (2004 level) to 20-25%

xii. By 2014 decrease % iron deficiency in CBA women from 23% (2004 level) to 15 -20%

xiii. By 2014 decrease % zinc deficiency in CBA women from 39% (2004 level) to 37%




WHO Global Nutrition Policy Review 2009-2010

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