Policy - National Strategy for infant and young child feeding (IYCF)

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Institute of Public Health and Nutrition (IPHN)
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Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
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Nutrition policy, strategy or plan focusing on specific nutrition areas


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The overall goal of the National Strategy is to improve the nutritional status, growth and development, health, and survival of infants and young children in Bangladesh through optimal infant and young child feeding practices.The specific objectives of the National Strategy, to be achieved by 2010, are:


-Increase the percentage of newborns who are breastfed within one hour of birth from 24% to 50% (early initiation of breastfeeding)
-Increase the percentage of infants aged less than 6 months of age who are exclusively breastfed from 42% to 60% (exclusive breastfeeding)
-Maintain the percentage of children aged 20-23 months who are still breastfed at 90% (continued breastfeeding)
- Increase the percentage of children aged 6-9 months who are breastfed and receive appropriate complementary foods (rice or starch plus foods from animal sources and one other item of fruit, pulses or vegetable) to 50% (complementary feeding)


WHO Global Nutrition Policy Review 2009-2010

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