Policy - National Action Plan IN FORM - Deutschlands Initiative für gesunde Ernährung und mehr Bewegung. German National Initiative to Promote Healthy Diets and Physical Activity.

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Federal Ministry of Health; Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection
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Federal Ministry of Health Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection
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Nutrition policy, strategy or plan focusing on specific nutrition areas


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1.5 Goals of the National Action Plan

The National Action Plan will sustainably improve the dietary habits and patterns of physical activity in Germany.

The goals are for:
1. adults to live healthier lives, children to grow up more healthily and to enjoy a better quality of life as well as improved performance in education,professional and private life.
2. the diseases caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, a one-sided diet and a sedentary lifestyle to be markedly reduced. (p. 13)

The National Action Plan seeks to:
1. convey the importance of a healthy diet and sufficient physical activity for people’s health.
2. formulate recommendations for dietary habits and patterns of physical activity behaviour in a target group-specific and implementation-oriented manner.
3. create or improve structures that encourage individuals to assume responsibility for a healthy lifestyle combined with a balanced diet and sufficient physical activity.
4. forge links between stakeholders and measures that contribute to an extended, co-ordinated offering.
5. publicise good projects and best practice and promote transparency about the quality, scale and financing of the offerings and how their success is measured.

The National Action Plan is to encourage transparency, networking and co-operation and to offer a roof to existing engagement. (p. 14)

Detailed objectives under 2. Key Action Areas (p. 17pp)
2.2 Action Area 2: Information on diet, physical activity and health (p. 20)
The schemes for nutrition and physical activity education enable people to lead healthy lives and heighten their own sense of responsibility.
1. The yardstick for measuring the quality of information for citizens on diet, physical activity and health is the day-today viability of the messages conveyed.
2. The qualifications of providers involved in awareness-raising and information building schemes improved.
3. The offerings providing information on dietary and physical activity are intended for all age groups. In order to be able to convey their contents in a targetgroup oriented manner, they are tailo red to their respective needs and living environments.
4. All social stakeholders contribute to the responsible handling of information seeking to raise awareness of diet and physical activity amongst the population at large.


WHO Global Nutrition Policy Review 2009-2010

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