Action - Iranian Food and Nutrition Leadership Program - Nutrition education - Adult men and women

Programme: Iranian Food and Nutrition Leadership Program

Programme description

The program has been designed to build leadership skills among young promising allied-food and nutrition graduates and final year PhD students who might take a lead in food and nutrition system in near future. The program mainly consists of a tailor-made workshop in which participants from different sectors (government, private, NGO) and different food and nutrition disciplines will be acquainted with leadership knowledge and skills such as leadership, effective communication, team building, crisis resolution, motivation etc in interactive sessions. Building capacity among participants, sharing experience, making them aligned, motivating them and defining shared vision regarding improvement of food and nutrition security in the country and in the region is the main purpose.

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the cost of each workshop was US$ 25000 in 2009. Estimation for 2012 is around US$ 45000

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Target group: 
Adult men and women

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