How to share data in GINA

WHO works with partners to disseminate information on their nutrition programmes and actions through GINA. WHO also disseminates information contained in partners' nutrition policy and action databases through GINA.

Furthermore, anyone can register as a contributor to GINA and submit data through a so-called “wiki approach”. Registered contributors can be government officials, programme planners, NGO staff, research-teams or any other stakeholders. The wiki approach means that contributors can either enter new data or propose edits to existing data. Each submission triggers a verification process by regionally assigned GINA data approvers. The approvers will review the submission and request clarifications until the data are ready for being published online. The approvers can also delegate the review to country focal points as necessary. 


How to submit data:

Only registered contributors can submit data. To register an account in GINA click on the login buttons on the home page or select from the drop down under Submit +.

Login: There are distinct account management systems for WHO staff and non-WHO staff. WHO staff can use their usual username and password to register in GINA while non-WHO staff have to create an ADS account. In order to create your account, everybody needs to provide some key contact information and identification details in a brief form. The mandatory fields are Name and Affiliation, and the user has to accept the terms and conditions of use for the GINA platform by ticking the box at the bottom.

GINA contributors can submit new data, and propose to edit/update any published information. As long as the information is not submitted it will remain a draft and is only accessible to the contributor. After submitting the data the regional approver, corresponding to the country to which the data refer, is automatically requested to review the new data.

Submit action data: When submitting or editing action data, it is crucially important to always save each page. If you add an action to a programme and you save the action the entered programme information is not automatically saved. Hence when you save the action and it takes you back to the programme section you have to save that information as well before closing the page.