How to navigate GINA

How to access data in GINA?

There are three ways to access data in GINA:

Map: The map page consists of an interactive map displaying policy and action data in countries. Interactive data views are enabled through filters, a time slider, a map zoom-in and regional views filters. Selected indicators on nutritional status and practices from WHO databases can be loaded as a map background. The policy and action data displayed in the map are listed in a results table immediately below the map. Detailed data on specific policies or actions in a country can be accessed from the map through a pop-up window or from the results table below the map. Read more about the map page.

A-Z country lists: Two tabs on “policies” and “programmes/actions” provide policy and action data by country. Opening a country page provides a full list of policies or actions in the selected country. Read more about the policies, programmes/actions and mechanisms pages.

Search: The search page consists of free text search and filtered views. Data are displayed in a results table, with policy data indicated by “P”, action data by “A” and mechanisms data by “M”. Read more about the search page.


Other functionalities

On the Top 10 page users can find summary results on policies and actions in GINA, including how the SUN countries are progressing.

The GINA footer provides the filters for regional data views and additional information, such as copyright and terms of use as well as the e-mail link for sending feedback to GINA.