Policy - Food Products (Advertisement) Regulations

Published by:
National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC)
Published year:
January 1996
Is the policy document adopted?:
Adopted year:
Adopted by:
1994 No. 15. S.1. 13 of 1996
Type of policy:
Legislation relevant to nutrition


Legislation Details

18. (1) Pre-packaged food shall not be described or presented on any label or in any labelling in a manner that is false, misleading or deceptive or is likely to create an erroneous impression regarding its character in any respect.

(3) All pre-packaged food produced, processed, packed, distributed, or imported shall be labelled with the following mandatory information-

(b) list of ingredients;

… 19. (1) The following is prescribed for nutrient content labelling on all pre-packaged food produced, processed, packed, distributed, or imported:

(a) the declaration of energy, protein, fat and carbohydrate, shall be made in accordance with composition;

(f) nutrient declaration shall be mandatory for foods for which nutrition claims are made and the amount of that nutrient per 100g or per 100ml expressed in metric unit, or per serving shall be declared;

22. (1) The only nutrition claims permitted shall be those relation to energy, protein, carbohydrate, and fat and components thereof, fibre, and sodium, and vitamins and minerals for which Nutrient Reference Values have been laid down in the Codex Alimentarius unless otherwise permitted by these Regulations or the Minister,

23. (1) Every package containing a breast-milk substitute for Breastmilk sale shall, in addition to other mandatory requirements specified in these substitutes Regulations, bear on or attached to it, a label containing - (a) the words "Important Notice" or their equivalent; (b) a statement of the superiority of breast feeding; and (c) a statement that the, product should be used only on advice of a health worker as to the need for its use and the proper method of use; and (d) for products which do not meet all the requirements of an infant formula, but which can be modified to do so; a warning that the unmodified product should not be the sole source of nourishment for an infant.

24. (1) An advertisement for a food shall not contain any word, statement, expression, pictorial representation, design or abbreviation that is prohibited from being included in or on the label for such a food.

(2) Advertising of breast-milk substitutes shall be prohibited - (a) in health care facilities; (b) to the general public; and (c) through promotional activities including but not limited to gifts, samples, discount coupons and special displays at the point of sale.

(3) Manufacturers and distributors of breast-milk substitutes shall be prohibited from providing, giving and distributing any educational, advertising and promoting material which, in opinion of the Board, promotes the use of breast-milk substitutes or bottle-feeding.

ELEVENTH SCHEDULE (Regulation 64(8))



(4) The following specific product requirements shall apply only to wheat flour for direct human consumption prepared from common wheat, Triticum eastivum L., or club wheat, Triticum compactum host., or mixtures thereof, by grinding or milling processes in which the bran and germ are partly removed and the remainder is comminuted to a suitable degree of fineness, and which is prepackaged ready for sale to the consumer or destined for use in other food products:

a, All such wheat flour imported into Solomon Islands, processed, displayed and/or sold in Solomon Islands and/or exported from Solomon Islands shall be prepared so as to provide the following minimum levels of micronutrients, including all nutrients naturally present, in the wheat flour at the point of import, the point of export and the point of sale:

i. 6.0 mg/Kg of Thiamin from a source of thiamin mononitrate; ii. 2.0 mg/Kg of Riboflavin; ill. 55mg/Kg of Niacin; iv. 2.0mg/Kg of Folic acid; Iron from a source of elemental iron powder of 45 microns average diameter or similar made by an electrolytic reduction process at levels of 60mg/Kg or from ferrous fumarate at levels of 45mg/Kg or from other subsequently approved sources; and vi. 30mg/Kg of zinc from a source of zinc oxide.

TIHRTEENTH SCHEDULE (Regulation 64(10))


(1) All salt for import into, and for use and sale in Solomon Islands for processing of food and for direct human consumption shall:

a. be salt to which has been added potassium iodide or iodate, or sodium iodide or iodate;

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