Policy - Pre-packaged Food (Labelling) Regulations 2005

Published by:
National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC)
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No / No information
Type of policy:
Legislation relevant to nutrition


Legislation Details

Sale of Unlabelled Pre-packaged Food Prohibited

1. No person shall sell a pre-packaged food unless a label has been affixed thereto.

List of Ingredients

4. (1) A complete list of ingredients used in preparing the food item shall be declared on the label in descending order of their proportion m/m, except in the case of a dehydrated food item intended to be reconstituted by the addition of potable water, in which case the ingredients shall be in order of proportion in the reconstituted product.

Nutritional labeling.

18. (1) Any nutritional claim shall be justified expressly on the label.

(2) A nutrient labelling shall be mandatory for any pre-packaged food item for which a nutrition claim is made by the manufacturer.

(3) Where nutrient declaration is applied, the declaration of the following shall be


(a) Energy value;

(b) The amounts of protein, carbohydrate (excluding dietary fibre) and fat;

(c) The amount of any other nutrient for which a nutrient claim is made.

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