Policy - National Action Plan on Communication and Advocacy for Dietary Salt Intake Reduction for Prevention and Control of Hypertension, Stroke and Other Non-Communicable Diseases, Period 2018-2025

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Comprehensive national nutrition policy, strategy or plan


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General Objectives

To develop a support environment, to raise awareness and make behaviour changes for each citizen so that they would reduce salt intake in their daily diet to prevent and control hypertension, stroke and cardiovascular diseases and other non-communicable diseases, contributing to people’s health protection, care and promotion.

Specific Objectives

Objective 1. Raise awareness and make behaviour changes in the population to reduce salt intake in the daily diet

Objective 2. Strengthen the responsibility of the authorities of all levels, agencies and sectors, and mass unions in developing and implementing policies and mechanisms to generate sustainable resources for interventions to reduce salt in the people’s diet.

Objective 3. Raise the responsibility of organizations and individuals that produce and trade foods and catering service providers to implement interventions to reduce salt in the people’s diet.

Objective 4. Raise capacity and efficiency of surveillance, counseling and guidance on low-salt diets in health facilities and the community 





WHO NCD Country Capacity Survey 2019

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