Policy - Strategic framework for food management in Thailand

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national food committee act
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Food security or agriculture sector national policy, strategy or plan with nutrition components


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1. To increase the efficiency of resource management for sustainable national food production.

2. To ensure that food products from households, communities and industries are of good standard, conform to food safety standards and are of high nutritional value.

3. To create food education and research systems to generate a body of knowledge on all food production aspects, including the distribution of knowledge to interested agencies.

4. To improve the efficiency of the food management system, including food related laws and information system, etc.

5. To create food security in households and communities during normal times and during emergencies.

5. Expected Outcomes of the Strategic Framework

(1) Thailand has resources for sustainable food production.

(2) The agricultural community has strong food production capabilities, as well as a good economic and justified management system that can create income within local and national markets.

(3) Consumers have access to good quality and safe foods that are also high in nutritional value, both in terms of domestic and imported products.

(4) Thailand has a good and effective food management system that can respond to any situation, both in normal times and in emergency circumstances.

(5) The confidence of export buyers are strong. The potential and market opportunity for Thai food products are increased through promotion of traditional Thai food culture and high nutritional value of Thai food.



WHO 2nd Global Nutrition Policy Review 2016-2017

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