Action - GNPR 2016-2017: Promotion of healthy diet and prevention of obesity and diet-related NCDs (q20) Salt reduction - Media promotion of healthy nutrition - Adult men and women|All population groups|Women of reproductive age (WRA)

Programme: GNPR 2016-2017: Promotion of healthy diet and prevention of obesity and diet-related NCDs (q20) Salt reduction

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These programmes and actions were reported by countries for the 2nd WHO Global Nutrition Policy Review 2016-2017 module on actions related to healthy diets, overweight and diet-related NCDs. More actions and programmes reported can be accessed through the country page.

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WHO (2018) Global Nutrition Policy Review. Country progress in creating enabling policy environments for promoting healthy diets and nutrition

The Global Nutrition Policy Review 2016–2017 is the report of the second comprehensive analysis of nutrition-related policy environment, coordination mechanisms, available capacities and actions being taken in 176 Member States (91%) and one area which responded to the survey carried out between July 2016 and December 2017.

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Adult men and women
All population groups
Women of reproductive age (WRA)
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Since 2014 the Norwegian Directorate of Health has been running mass media campaigns focusing on the populations high salt intake, health consequences of salt, salt and measurements (how much salt is too much) and the “hidden salts” in food. The campaign has also offered public advice on how to look for salt both when shopping for groceries and at restaurants and how to reduce it when cooking at home.

Objectives of the media campaign: Raise population awareness on health effects of high intake of fats, sugars and salt/sodium; Raise population awareness on how to consume healthier diets, including how to include more fruits and vegetables in the diet; Raise population awareness on how to use nutrition labels. Nutrients, foods, or beverages addressed by the campaign: Salt/sodium. Media campaigns implemented through TV, Internet/social media, events, outdoor digital boards and digital screens at doctors’ offices.;

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