Mechanisms - National Food Authority

Lead government agency:
Ministry of Agriculture
Established year:


  • Convening nutrition partners
  • Coordination in development of national nutrition policies and programmes
  • Coordination in implementation of national nutrition policies and programmes
  • Coordination in monitoring of national nutrition policies and programmes

1.It sets quality standards that must be met by foods provided for consumption and the raw materials or additives intended to be added to foods in order to protect public health and to prevent consumers from fraudulent practises.

2.It sets the standards and principles which should underlying the design and implementation of production system for safe food, in accordance with the law

3.Determines or endorses the guides to good hygiene practices in accordance with Regulation 852/2004 and other relevant international and European regulations and monitors compliance with these rules.

4.It makes up and maintains a register of food businesses and operates the control program carried out by its services or other authorities and services.

5.Contact by its own, or by ordering other authorities or agencies the inspections, it coordinates and directs the inspections at all stages after primary production which include, inter alia, harvesting, slaughter and milking,

6.It participates in the relevant EU bodies and international organizations for the development of the relevant decisions, it ensures the adaptation and compliance with directives, regulations, decisions and recommendations issued by the institutions of the European Union and other International Organizations in matters within its competence and acts as the link with the competent services of the European Union and other international organizations on food control and in the context of rapid alert system for food and feed.

6.It ensures the development of research programs related to its objective, working with authorities with similar subject and puts forward proposals for legislative acts or other measures in the field of its competence.

7.It gathers processes and keeps information on statistics and records of inspections carried out by its services, in food premises and other matters of its competence.

8.It ensures continuous information, education and training of its staff on technological developments and progress in new legislation and issues of consumer safety and food quality.


This coordination mechanism was reported to the WHO Global Nutrition Policy Review 2016-2017. Country progress in creating enabling policy environments for promoting healthy diets and nutrition.

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