Mechanisms - National Committee on BMS

Lead government agency:
Ministry of Health
Established year:


  • Convening nutrition partners
  • Coordination in development of national nutrition policies and programmes

Advise the President about the development and formulation of a national policy, Advise the Ministry of Commerce and Industry about marketing, importation and distribution of specific products, Advise the Ministry of Public Health to devise a national strategy for the development of publicity and educational programs towards promotion of breastfeeding and provision of information and education materials on feeding of a breastfed baby, Assess reports about violation of provisions of this regulation and other relevant issues, Provide guidance to inspectors to take measures in case of violation of provisions of this regulation, Promote and communicate provisions of this regulation through NGOs providing basic health services, Liaise with the Attorney General’s Office with regard to prosecution of any one violating provisions of this regulation, Establish provincial and sub-committees for implementation of provisions of this regulation, Assess complaints due to violations of provisions of this regulation, Punish the violator in accordance with provisions of this regulation, Other responsibilities and power,


This coordination mechanism was reported to the WHO Global Nutrition Policy Review 2016-2017. Country progress in creating enabling policy environments for promoting healthy diets and nutrition.

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