Action - Nutrition International - PINKK: Projet intégré de nutrition dans les régions de Kolda et de Kédougou - Promotion of healthy diets

Programme: Nutrition International - PINKK: Projet intégré de nutrition dans les régions de Kolda et de Kédougou

Programme description

In December 2015, Nutrition International officially launched the “Projet intégré de nutrition dans les régions de Kolda et de Kédougou”, also known as “PINKK”.  This project is a collaboration built around an innovative, integrated and multifaceted approach to improving nutrition for Senegal's most vulnerable people. PINKK targets two high burden regions in Senegal, Kedougou (counties of Kedougou, Salemata and Saraya) and Kolda (counties of Kolda, Velingara and Medina Yero Foula). 

The Integrated Nutrition Project for the Kolda and Kedougou Regions links health care, agriculture (including livestock) and business with the aim of improving nutritional health and food security for people in these regions, particularly for women and young children.

The key components of PINKK focus on the following:

  • Strengthen capacities of community health care to deliver adequate child and maternal nutrition services.
  • Promotion of good nutrition and health practices, including: Breastfeeding exclusively, adequate additional food supplied after 6 months of age, washing hands with soap, supplementing micronutrients in the diets of infants, adolescents and women, and psychological and emotional care for young children.
  • Strengthen the capacity of household members targeting especially the women for increased access to financial services, as well as non-financial, to increase the opportunity of the most vulnerable to access to basic production factors for applying new health and nutrition knowledge and practices gained from the PINKK.
  • Support local, enriched flour production by supporting capacity-building for women’s organizations, prioritizing local products, including corn, ground maize, cowpea, peanut and monkey bread powder.
  • Strengthen capacities in communities and households for food security improvement, targeting: Horticultural production (vegetables), transforming local products, fruit tree production, and diversification activities, especially for small-scale livestock farming.
  • Strengthen the capacity of local government structures to: Improve nutrition management issues in planning and programs, implement the means of coordination, and implement nutrition and food security programs in the Kolda and Kedougou regions.

Over the course of 5 years, the PINKK partnership will reach:

  • 50,000 pregnant women and nursing mothers
  • 115,000 children who are less than 5 years old, with 60,000 from 0 to 23 months old
  • 30,000 households, especially farming households

PINKK, is a collaborative effort between Nutrition International, World Vision Senegal, World Vision Canada, Développement International Desjardins and the Government of Senegal's Cellule de Lutte Contre la Malnutrition (CLM).

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