Policy - Kosrae State Code (revised version of the 1985 code)

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Kosrae State Legislature
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No / No information
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Legislation relevant to nutrition


Legislation Details
Section 9.201. Imposition. Except for goods made or produced in the State a sales tax attaches to goods upon their first sale in the State. The seller pays the tax on all goods in a shipment no later than 120 days after arrival in the State. The State has the power to hold the release of future shipments if the seller is not current on taxes due under the Code and applicable Regulations. 
Section 9.202. Rates. The sales tax is on a percentage of the sales price or per unit as indicated below 
(6) food …………1 percent
(11)  soda
     (a)  2 cents per container of 12 fluid ounces
     (b)  plus 1 cent per additional ounce
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