Policy - Revised Rules And Regulations Governing The Labeling of Prepackaged Food Products

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Department of Health
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Legislation relevant to nutrition


Legislation Details


A. Mandatory Label Information

The labels of all prepackaged food shall bear the following minimum mandatory information:


3. Complete List of Ingredients


11. Nutrition Facts/Nutrition Information/Nutritive Value
a. The nutrition facts shall be presented in tabulated form as shown in Figure 1 through the declaration of protein, carbohydrates (including dietary fiber and sugar), fat (including saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol), sodium, energy value or calories. Added Vitamin A, iron and iodine for the products covered by the Food Fortification Program or vitamins and minerals and/or other nutrients like fatty acids and linolenic acids for other products claimed to contain such, shall also be included in the tabulation.
b. All nutrient quantities shall be declared in relation to the average or usual serving in terms of slices, pieces or a specified weight or volume.
c. The declaration of nutrients can also be expressed either in unit per serving or % RENI or both.


f. The rules on any use of nutrition claims or health claims in food shall be covered by these rules, and/or the CODEX Guidelines for use of Nutrition and Health Claims under CAC/GL 23-1997, including the latest amendment as applicable, except when any portion of the amendments are contrary to existing national laws and their rules and regulations, in consideration of
national policies and interest, in which case these rules shall apply as supplementary.


In addition to the provisions stipulated in Codex Guidelines on the Use of Nutrition and Health Claims and Codex General Guidelines on Claims, any of the following representations or suggestions whether directly or indirectly stated shall constitute misleading, deceptive, and untruthful declaration: ...

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