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Girls in Indonesia as young as 12 are using mobile phones as a gateway for education, economic empowerment and communication. Springster is a fast-growing digital platform with a total global audience of 30 million users in 66 countries. It has the potential to reach adolescent girls on a large scale with compelling information on nutrition themes.

This is a 2-year initiative (August 2017-July 2019) to harness the huge popularity of mobile phones among adolescent girls in Indonesia to significantly improve the agency of girls and in doing so improve their knowledge of nutrition and key nutrition practices.

This is achieved by producing nutrition specific, sensitive and integrated content to be posted on the Springster Indonesia platform. In parallel, the site’s reach and engagement with adolescent girls is increased by developing new technological features on the site and promoting the site through marketing activities.

In Indonesia Springster has been used by 1.75 million girls. By May 2019, Springster Indonesia aims to increase its reach to 2.8 million female unique users and its female registered users to 90,000. Ultimately, the desired impact is to have improved agency of adolescent girls to increase their nutrition knowledge, attitude and practices. This program is being evaluated by an external organization. 

This intervention is being implemented in partnership with Percolate Galactic and Praekelt. Org. This project began in August 2017 and will conclude in July 2019.

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Large scale programmes


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