Policy - Strategy for the prevention and control of Non Communicable Diseases in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

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Ministry of Public Health
Published year:
May 2014
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Multisectoral Consultation for the Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases
Type of policy:
NCD policy, strategy or plan with healthy diet components


Goals, objectives or targets related to nutrition: 
Goals by indicators
Basing on the strategic goals proposed in the Global Strategy for the Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases 2013-2020 adopted at World Health Assembly and the goals of South East Asia Action Plan 2013-2020 signed at WHO South East Asia Regional Meeting, goals by indicators to be achieved until 2025 are as follows.
1. Reduce the total death rate from cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and chronic respiratory diseases by 25%. 
2. Reduce the smoking rate among men of 15 years of age and above by 30%.
3. Reduce by 10% the heavy drinking rate.
4. Reduce the proportion of lack of physical activities by 10%.
5. Reduce the salt intake by 30%
6. Reduce the incidence of hypertension by 25%.
7. Make the number of residents who are treated with medicines and by doctors in order to prevent heart attack and cerebral apoplexy reach to 50%
8. Provide more than 80% of all medicines and equipments needed for the treatment of noncommunicable diseases at health facilities
9. Maintain current incidence of obesity and diabetes.
10. Increase early detection rate of cancerous diseases by ensuring 90% of periodical screening rate among men and women of 40 years of age and above 

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