Policy - National Strategic Plan for the Prevention and Control of Non Communicable Diseases: Trinidad and Tobago 2017 - 2021

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The Ministry of Health, Trinidad and Tobago
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NCD policy, strategy or plan with healthy diet components


Goals, objectives or targets related to nutrition: 

By 2025, reduce the burden of preventable mortality (before the age of 70) due to heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, and stroke by 25%

AND In five years, reduce the prevalence of:

i. High blood pressure by 20%;

ii. High cholesterol by 20%;

iii. High blood sugar by 20%;

iv. Adult overweight/obesity by 10%;

v. Adolescent overweight/obesity (ages 13 – 15 years) by 12%;

vi. Child overweight/obesity by 15%;

• Increase by 50% the proportion of persons who are aware of their disease status with regards to hypertension, diabetes dyslipidaemia and cervical cancer; and

• Increase by 50% the proportion of persons with hypertension, diabetes, and dyslipidaemia for whom the condition is controlled in keeping with recommended targets.
• Increase the prevalence of adult (aged 18+ years) population consuming ≥ five total servings (400 grams) of fruit and vegetables per day by 20% by 2018;

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