Policy - National strategy on prevention and control of micronutrient deficiencies, Bangladesh (2015-2024)

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Institute of Public Health Nutrition; Directorate General of Health Services; Ministry of Health and Family Welfare; Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh
Published year:
December 2015
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No / No information
Type of policy:
Nutrition policy, strategy or plan focusing on specific nutrition areas


Goals, objectives or targets related to nutrition: 

Goal: The overall goal of the National Strategy on Prevention and Control of Micronutrient Deficiencies (NSPCMD) is to improve the overall health, nutritional status, survival, growth, development and productivity of the population by preventing and alleviating micronutrient deficiencies.


To provide guidelines on interventions and actions for improved access and affordability to micronutrients through increased consumption of micronutrient rich foods, fortified foods and supplements and compliance to micronutrient guidelines and regulations

To provide a common platform for resource mobilization for the implementation of the national micronutrient deficiency prevention and control programmes

To promote efficient implementation and programme delivery of micronutrient interventions that can create impact among the marginalized through improved planning, capacity development, monitoring, coordination and collaboration of partners in the country

To improve knowledge, awareness and utilization of micronutrient deficiency control interventions through advocacy, social mobilization and behavior change communication

To strengthen research and monitoring and evaluation of National Micronutrient Deficiency Prevention and Control programmes in the country

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