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Fortifying commonly-eaten grains such as wheat, maize flour and rice is among the easiest and least expensive ways to prevent disease, strengthen immune systems and nurture a healthy and productive next generation.[1] Nutrition International leads and supports grain fortification efforts in low- and middle– income countries through a number of programs. Fortifying grains with iron and folic acid is an effective way to prevent anaemia and neural tube defects in a population.[2]

Nutrition International partners with the government of Kenya to implement maize flour fortification in Kenya by:

  • Facilitating policy, guidelines, standards and strategic plan development to strengthen enabling environment for fortification, including development and launch of the National Food Fortification Strategic Plan (2018-2022).
  • Providing support for development of micronutrient standards for fortification, quality control system, and monitoring and evaluation mechanism including surveys and assessments.
  • Supporting the National Food Fortification Program through capacity building of and provision of production and customized business advisory services for pre-selected medium-scale maize four millers.
  • Strengthening capacity of the regulatory agencies to undertake monitoring and enforcement of food fortification regulations. 

NI, in collaboration with TechnoServe, is working closely with the Ministry of Health and Kenya Bureau of Standards to ensure implementation of the planned activities.

Food fortification in Kenya is being supported through public-private partnership coordinated by the Ministry of Health – Nutrition and Dietetics Unit, under the Kenya National Fortification Alliance with membership from government (Kenya Bureau of Standards, National Public Health Laboratories, Food safety Unit), development/implementing partners (NI, GAIN, Techno Serve), UN agencies (UNICEF, WFP), academia and research institutions (Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology-JKUAT, Kenya Medical Research Institute-KEMRI), premix suppliers, and industry associations for maize, wheat flour and salt (Cereal Millers association-CMA, United Grain Millers association-UNGMA, Kenya salt manufacturers-KESAMA). Funding for this program began in 2015 and will continue until 2020.


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