Policy - Guidelines for use of Nutrition and Health Claims

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Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution
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Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution
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Legislation relevant to nutrition


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3. Nutrition Labelling

Any food for which a nutrition or health claim is made should be labelled with a nutrient declaration in accordance with Section 3 of the Codex Guidelines for Nutrition Labelling.


4. Nutrition Claims

4.1 The only nutrition claims permitted shall be those relating to energy, protein, carbohydrate, and fat and components thereof, fibre, sodium and vitamins and minerals for which Nutrition Reference Values (NRVs) have been laid down in the Codex Guidelines for Nutrition Labelling. 


7. Health Claims

7.1 Health claims should be permitted provided that all of the following conditions are met:

7.1.1 Health claims must be based on current relevant scientific substantiation and the level of proof must be sufficient to substantiate the type of claimed effect and the relationship to health as recognised by generally accepted scientific review of the data and the scientific substantiation should be reviewed as new knowledge becomes available. The health claim must consist of two parts:

1) Information on the physiological role of the nutrient or on an accepted diet-health relationship; followed by

2) Information on the composition of the product relevant to the physiological role of the nutrient or the accepted diet-health relationship unless the relationship is based on a whole food or foods whereby the research does not link to specific constituents of the food.


WHO 2nd Global Nutrition Policy Review 2016-2017

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