Policy - United Nations Development Assistance Framework

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Non-national nutrition policy document


Goals, objectives or targets related to nutrition: 

OUTCOME 1: Vulnerable populations are more food secure and better nourished

OUTPUT 1.1: Government and stakeholders' ownership and capacity strengthened to design and implement evidence-based food and nutrition security policies

OUTPUT 1.2: Producers in the agriculture and fisheries sectors with enhanced capacity to adopt sustainable production techniques for own consumption and markets

OUTPUT 1.3: Public and private sectors invest in resilient, efficient and nutrition sensitive food systems

OUTPUT 1.4: Communities (and women in particular) acquire the knowledge to adopt appropriate practices and behaviors to reduce chronic undernutrition

OUTCOME 6: People equitably access and use quality health, water and sanitation services

OUTPUT 6.1: People in targeted rural and peri-urban areas have sustainable and safe water supply and sanitation services

OUTPUT 6.3: Demand for and access to of quality integrated child health and nutrition services are increased


OUTPUT 6.5: Policy framework for inter-sectoral prevention and control of NCDs is adopted 

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