Policy - Lesotho United Nations Development Assistant Plan (LUNDAP)

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Published by:
UN Country Team of Lesotho
Published year:
December 2012
Is the policy document adopted?:
No / No information
Type of policy:
Non-national nutrition policy document


Goals, objectives or targets related to nutrition: 

Outcome 2: By 2017, National institutions (public and private) deliver quality services for increased agricultural growth and food security.

Output 2.1: Selected national institutions and farmer organizations have improved capacity to deliver and respond to potential agriculture and food insecurity risks.

Outcome 7: By 2017 equitable access to and utilization of high-impact, cost effective health and nutrition interventions achieved for vulnerable populations.

Output 7.2: System for promotion of healthy behavior is strengthened.


Output 7.4. Capacities of districts, health facilities, and communities to improve maternal nutrition and

child feeding practices and provide quality Integrated Management of Acute Malnutrition (IMAM) services are



Outcome 10: By 2017, persons living with HIV have access to and benefit from the integrated service delivery that includes nutrition support, ART and care; and HIV/TB co-infection management.


Output 10.2 Capacity of ART service delivery facilities to integrate nutritional and HBC support in their ART program strengthened.



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