Policy - United Nations Development Assistance Framework for Kenya

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UN Country Team of Kenya
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Non-national nutrition policy document


Goals, objectives or targets related to nutrition: 

Outcome 2.2–WASH Environmental preservation / food availability – nutrition / health: By 2018 morbidity and mortality in Kenya are sustainablyreduced, with improved maternal, neonatal and childsurvival, reduced malnutrition & incidence of major endemicdiseases (malaria, tuberculosis) and stabilized populationgrowth underpinned by a universally accessible, quality and responsive health system


Output 2.2.2 – WASH-Env preservation/food availability/nutrition: MoH, MEW&NR,MOE, pilot counties and partners haveadequate technical and financial capacity todesign, implement, monitor and evaluatemodels of (i) community-based safe WASH& Environmental preservation systems;(ii) hygiene sanitation behavior changeat household, health facility and schoolsettings; and (iii) county Government-ownedand community driven food availability &nutrition interventions; all of the abovedesigned to inform policies, strategies,standard setting and guide county leveldevelopment planning


Output 2.2.3 – RMNCAH: By 2018 MoH & selected county Governments & partners have adequate institutional & technical capacities, including through south-south cooperation & use of emerging technologies & tools to design, implement & evaluate county-based models of innovative, quality, equitable & integrated maternal, new-born, child & adolescent health services (including sexual & reproductive health)



Output 2.2.4 – Communicable and noncommunicable conditions: By 2018,MoH, selected county health managementteams & their partners have improvedleadership and technical capacity to develop& implement strategies to prevent, control,eliminate or eradicate communicable & NCD’sfocusing on malaria TB, selected neglectedtropical diseases, vaccine-preventablediseases, injuries & mental health

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