Mechanisms - Infant Nutrition Committee and every health worker

Lead government agency:
Ministry of Health and Child Care
Established year:


  • Monitoring compliance
  • Applying sanctions to identified violations

Mandated to monitor compliance with national legislative or other appropriate measure. Monitoring in: health facilities, media, billboards, retail shops, pharmacies, other (ports of entry).


Monitoring has been conducted since 1992. It is conducted nationally once a year but continuously at individual level . The last monitoring exercise reported to WHO in 2014 took place in the provinces in August 2013. Monitoring is done in health facilities, retail shops, pharmacies. Sanctions were imposed on the violations identified during monitoring. Where violations were observed in shops, retailers were asked to remove products from the shelves. In the case of posters on walls, concerned parties were asked to remove these from the walls. The monitors are responsible for imposing the sanctions.

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