Mechanisms - Section 12. Implementation and Monitoring a) For purposes of Section 6(a) of this Code, an inter-agency committee composed of the following members is hereby created: Minister of Health- Chairman Minister of Trade and Industry-Member Minister of Justice

Lead government agency:
Department of Health and Food and Drug Agency
Established year:


  • Monitoring compliance

Mandated to monitor compliance with national legislative or other appropriate measure. Monitoring in: health facilities, media, billboards.


Monitoring has been conducted since 2010. It is conducted every quarter . The last monitoring exercise reported to WHO in 2014 took place in 2012 in the location of NCR. Monitoring is done in health facilities, media. Sanctions have been imposed (imposition of fine).Joint monitoring is beneficial and stronger in impact.
The social media is an effective way of giving updates and complaints or reports of violation.

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