Mechanisms - Committee to Review and Approve Marketing Materials of Products for Infant and Young Child Feeding

Lead government agency:
Ministry of Health
Established year:


  • Monitoring compliance
  • Applying sanctions to identified violations

Mandated to monitor compliance with national legislative or other appropriate measure. Monitoring in: health facilities, media, billboards, retail shops, pharmacies.


Monitoring has been conducted since 2011, and even earlier for TV advertisements. Two meetings are conducted every month to review the content of labeling and marketing of products for infant and young child feeding. The last monitoring exercise reported to WHO in 2014 took place in August the same year, largely in the Baby Friendly Hospitals (26 hospitals had been accredited in 2014 and 8 others already met criteria) as well as in media (TV advertisement). Feedback and suggestions are given to the milk company that have submitted materials for approval. Monitoring is done in health facilities, media, retail shops, pharmacies. Sanctions were imposed on the violations identified during monitoring. The responsible agency for imposing sanctions is the Ministry of Health and line ministries such as Ministry of Information, Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Industry.Monitoring mechanism is operational procedure conducted by the Committee to Review and Approve Marketing Materials of Products for Infant and Young Child Feeding which is led by the Ministry of Health. The Oversight Board and Executive Working Group for the Implementation of the Sub-Decree Nᄚ133 and the Joint Prakas Nᄚ061 is on going to establish. It is expected to function at the end of 2014. The Oversight Board will play an important role in effective coordination between the Ministry of Health and the other relevant ministries (Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry and Ministry of Information).

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