Mechanisms - Official controls of Foodstuffs

Lead government agency:
Public Health Services, Ministry of Health of Cyprus
Established year:


  • Monitoring compliance

Mandated to monitor compliance with national legislative or other appropriate measure. Monitoring in: health facilities, media, billboards, retail shops, pharmacies.


Monitoring has been conducted since 2001. It is conducted 2 to 3 times per year . The last monitoring exercise reported to WHO in 2014 took place in 2014 in the location of all related food businesses. Monitoring is done in health facilities, media, retail shops, pharmacies.Cyprus as a Member of the European Union has fully adopted the relevant EU Directive 141/2006/EC without incorporating new non harmonized provisions. As the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk substitutes and subsequent WHA resolutions provisions is deemed to be incorporated into EU Directive 141/2006/EC we believe that in an indirect way we implement the Code in question.

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