Mechanisms - National Committee on protection and stregthening of child feeding by breast milk

Lead government agency:
Public Nutrition Department of Minister of public Health
Established year:


  • Monitoring compliance
  • Applying sanctions to identified violations

Mandated to monitor compliance with national legislative or other appropriate measure. Monitoring in: health facilities, media, billboards, retail shops, pharmacies.


Monitoring has been conducted since 2012. It is conducted regularly based on plan: Media daily base, hospitals weekly, health facilities during monitoring visits, cities for billboards on monthly bases. The last monitoring exercise reported to WHO in 2014 took place on 20/09/2015 in Kabul city for billboards. Monitoring is carried out by provincial nutrition officers at provincial level and by IYCF officer at national level, MOPH has plan for future to monitor at district level. Monitoring takes place in health facilities, media, retail shops, pharmacies. Sanctions were imposed on the violations identified during monitoring, including criminal sanctions, administrative sanctions, other sanctions (Milk formula companies visitors prohibited from entering the governmental and Private Hospitals). Minister circulated Call for support for appropriate infant and young child feeding and mentioned the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) call on all those who supports victims during emergency situations to avoid distribution of milk powder, infant formula and other milk products (powder/liquid). Distribution of any kind of breast milk substitutes is in violation to the national legislation on モRegulation on protection and strengthening of child feeding by breast milkヤ (issue no 974 on 28th February, 2009). The responsible agency for imposing sanctions is Health legislation and law Directorate of Ministry of Public Health.Providing fund for regular monitoring and increase the awareness of peoples particularly companies through media will help to protect and promote breast feeding,

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