Action - Nutromix- reducing anemia prevalence among Malian refugee children in Burkina Faso - Multiple micronutrient powder (point-of-use fortification) - Infants and young children

Programme: Nutromix- reducing anemia prevalence among Malian refugee children in Burkina Faso

Programme description

Following the results of a nutrition survey conducted in early 2013, anemia prevalence among Malian children under-five years of age in all refugee camps was found to be above the WHO defined emergency threshold. UNHCR’s response was to distribute a monthly ration of micro-nutrient powder, adapted to the refugee context, to approximately 4,000 children. An acceptability test was developed based on the “UNHCR Operational Guidance on the Use of Special Nutritional Products to Reduce Micronutrient Deficiencies and Malnutrition in Refugee Populations” and carried out in the two biggest camps in the Sahel Region of the country prior to scaling up the intervention to all camps and the urban centre of Bobo-Dioulasso. A communications strategy was developed focusing on the use of IEC materials adapted from UNHCR/WFP Nepal. Sensitisation included the distribution of leaflets and poster, sessions with women and care-givers during distributions and outreach work between distributions. Monthly post-distribution monitoring was conducted to assess adherence, utilisation, and knowledge.

Integrating certain products such as MNP into the diet of Malian refugee children requires longer term interventions on nutrition knowledge and behavioral change. Cultural beliefs and poor infant and young feeding practices are ingrained.

Programme type



Information retrieved from the Home Fortification Technical Advisory Group.

Target group: 
Infants and young children
Internally displaced people (IDPs)/refugees
Preschool-age children (Pre-SAC)
Age group: 
6-59 months

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