Action - Anaemia prevention in refugee children and surrounding host community in Yemen - Multiple micronutrient powder (point-of-use fortification) - Infants and young children

Programme: Anaemia prevention in refugee children and surrounding host community in Yemen

Programme description

This is one of the anaemia prevention projects in Kharaz camp. The project was initiated after an MNP acceptability trial that lasted for two months. The project was designed based on UNHCR Operational Guidance on the Use of Special Nutritional Products to Reduce Micronutrient Deficiencies and Malnutrition in Refugee Population. The standard MNP formulation was slightly modified considering the local refugee context. The product name and the sachet design were selected in consultation with the refugee Somali community. The name 'DHEF' which means 'micronutrient' was selected . Promotional activities were done among the refugee community. Then, blanket distribution of MNP to refugee children was started in Kharaz camp and in the nine villages surrounding the camp. The project then expanded in order to include urban refugee children in urban areas in addition to children of the host community in areas were refugees gathered (namely Basateen and some areas in Sana'a).

Programme type



Information retrieved from the Home Fortification Technical Advisory Group.

Target group: 
Infants and young children
Internally displaced people (IDPs)/refugees
School age children (SAC)
Age group: 
6-59 months

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