Action - MNP use in the Córdoba department - Multiple micronutrient powder (point-of-use fortification) - Infants and young children

Programme: MNP use in the Córdoba department

Programme description

Objectives: Anaemia Prevention and Control, Improved Complementary Feeding

Context: Nutritional support to pregnant and lactating women and children under five affected by natural disasters and conflict in the Department of Córdoba.

Integrated in Multi-sectorial Approach: Infant and Young Child Feeding Program, Micronutrient Deficiency Prevention and Control Program, Anaemia Prevention and Control Program, Humanitarian Response Program

Programme type



Information retrieved from the Home Fortification Technical Advisory Group.

Target group: 
Infants and young children
Preschool-age children (Pre-SAC)
Age group: 
6-59 months

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