Policy - Decree No. 9/2016 approving the Regulation for Food Fortification with Industrially Processed Micronutrients

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Legislation relevant to nutrition


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This Decree approves the Regulation for Food Fortification with Industrially Processed Micronutrients. This Regulation, consisting of 20 articles divided into four Chapters and two Annexes, provides for the rules for implementing the mandatory addition of micronutrients in food, particularly in wheat flour, maize flour, edible oil, sugar and salt produced, marketed and imported in accordance with the Mozambican Standards (NM). Economic operators who import, produce and sell such fortified food, throughout the national territory, must comply with the rules on fortification, labelling and use. Offences and penalties for illegal activities are specified in the text. 


ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Document retrieved from FAOLEX - legislative database of the FAO Legal Office. http://faolex.fao.org

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