Policy - Policy for Improving Child Nutrition in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Published by:
Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Published year:
February 2013
Is the policy document adopted?:
No / No information
Type of policy:
Nutrition policy, strategy or plan focusing on specific nutrition areas


Goals, objectives or targets related to nutrition: 

1. Vision

Federation BiH is committed to ensure optimal nutrition to every child, in line with national and international recommendations and standards, and thereby improve the diet and nutritional status of children in Federation BiH

2. Decalaration

  • Federation BiH is committed to creating an environment and other necessary conditions for best start in life for every child, including particularly nutrition of pregnant women, nursing mothers, children under five years of age, and children from marginalised groups.
  • Federation BiH is encouraging an integrated approach in activities of all sectors which, through their direct or indirect involvement, affect the nutrition of children. This includes both commitment and responsibility of all sectors to contribute by their policies and activities to optimal growth, development and health of children.
  • For this reason, the Government of the Federation BiH calls on all sectors and partners to jointly participate, following the principle “health in all policies”, in creating and implementing policies, strategies, standards and rulebooks, which will constitute a legal basis for ensuring optimal nutrition of children, and thereby enable their proper growth, development and health.
  • Federation BiH is committed to improving access to and the quality of information and services that protect, promote and support optimal nutrition and eating habits, in line with national and international recommendations and standards.
  • FBiH is particularly committed to protection and promotion of exclusive breastfeeding of infants up to six months of age, timely and adequate complementary feeding, as well as the adoption and implementation of the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes.
  • Support to improving child nutrition will be achieved through the existing health care system, with an emphasis on expanding the network of baby-friendly and child-friendly hospitals, counselling services, and promotion of integrated early childhood development services, as well as through other sectors within their respective scopes of remit.
  • Federation BiH is committed to the continuous monitoring of diet, nutrition and health status of infants and children, as well as evaluation of the results of the measures undertaken with the aim of their improvement.
  • In order to prevent diseases resulting from inadequate nutrition, including diseases caused by lack of micronutrients, Federation BiH will pay particular attention to development of specific programmes and measures to reduce the risk of these diseases.
  • In order to achieve this, it is necessary to involve participants from all sectors, wider community and parents who have an impact on the nutrition of infants and children

WHO 2nd Global Nutrition Policy Review 2016-2017

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