Policy - National Programme on prevention and control of Non-communicable diseases

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Ministry of Health
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Is the policy document adopted?:
Adopted year:
December 2005
Adopted by:
Resolution No. 246, Prime Minister and the Minister of Health of Mongolia
Type of policy:
Health sector policy, strategy or plan with nutrition components


Goals, objectives or targets related to nutrition: 

Goal: Reduce deaths caused by major NCDs through improving control and surveillance of NCDs and their risk factors and through effective health promotion action

3.1. Objective 1. To create sustainable mechanism for coordination on prevention and control of major NCDs such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes mellitus

3.2. Objective 2. To reduce risk factors of major NCDs by promoting healthy lifestyles and supportive environment

3.2.1. provide intensive information, education and communication (IEC) activity towards acquiring healthy diet behavior among population through reducing consumption of animal fat, salt and sugar and increasing fruit and vegetables intake in the die

3.2.5. support healthy lifestyle by improving capacity of organization and communities and increasing number of ‘healthy” cities, khoroos, soums, bags, schools, workplaces, hospitals, communities and families; 

3.2.6. take the following measures to enhance healthy lifestyle - proper use of diet:

1/ to acquire the skills to control of calories of diet in accordance with age and profession  

2/ to reduce the usage of the following: a/ animal fat b/ salt  c/ sugar and candy  

3/ to increase the usage of the following : a/ fruit and vegetables intake b/ dietary fiber  

4/ proper amount of food for single use:   a/ not to eat fully b/ to avoid regular use of food with high calories like fatty and sugary  

5/ to prepare and use of food by appropriate technology; a/ to reduce the usage of fried and conserved  food   b/ to avoid use of too hot tea and meal

3.3 4.  to develop and implement treatment-training program for the people at risk  including smoking cessation, reduction of high blood pressure and overweight, to deter mine and treat causes of obesity etc. 

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