Policy - National Nutrition Policy

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Comprehensive national nutrition policy, strategy or plan


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Policy Objectives:

  1. To incorporate nutrition in all sectoral policies and programmes for a multi-sectoral approach
  2. To have increased budgetary allocation of resources by government and her bilateral, multilateral and NGO partners as well as the private sector for implementation of the Nutrition services, programmes, projects and interventions at different levels
  3. To build and improve institutional capacity at all levels of society for effective delivery of appropriate nutrition services, programmes and interventions with focus on facility, community level and outreach services and programmes.
  4. To coordinate nutrition programmes at all levels based on National and sectoral policies and guidelines.
  5. To create sustainable partnerships with the private sector, development partners and civil societies for nutrition.
  6. To standardise and improve the quality of nutrition services through development, consolidation and dissemination of a set of national nutrition guidelines for Malawi.
  7. To provide nutrition education, counselling and support to Malawians across demographics to adopt optimal nutrition practices and healthy life styles through a variety of outreach methods.
  8. To achieve effective prevention and control of various forms of nutrition disorders among Malawians with emphasis on infants, young children, school age children, women, the elderly and PLWHA
  9. To promote appropriate food utilization, food choices, combinations and dietary diversification at household, community and national levels to achieve and sustain adequate nutrition.
  10. Reduce morbidity from nutrition related diseases and disorders
  11. To promote control, prevention and management of dietary related diseases that impact negatively on nutrition well-being of Malawians.
  12. To protect consumers from health hazards resulting from contamination, poor food handling techniques and quality.
  13. To improve the quality of services for management of acute malnutrition in under-five children, pregnant and lactating mothers, adolescents and adults.
  14. To improve the quality of Nutrition Care, Support and treatment to PLWHA
  15. To build national coordination framework as well as institutional and technical capacity for conducting and disseminating nutrition research and development in the country.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Document retrieved from FAOLEX - legislative database of the FAO Legal Office. http://faolex.fao.org

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