Policy - National Strategic Plan of Action for Nutrition (2014 – 2019)

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Ministry of Health
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Comprehensive national nutrition policy, strategy or plan


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3.2 Strategic Objectives

1. To promote the delivery of effective interventions that will ensure adequate nutrition to all Nigerians, especially vulnerable groups

2. To enhance capacity to deliver effective and appropriate nutrition interventions

3. To contribute to the control of diet related noncommunicable diseases

4. To promote and strengthen research, monitoring and evaluation

5. To promote and facilitate community participation for nutrition interventions

6. To promote and strengthen nutrition coordination and collaboration


3.3 Targets

1. To reduce the number of under-five children who are stunted by 20% by 2018

2. To reduce low birthweight by 15% by 2018

3. To ensure no increase in childhood overweight by 2018

4. To reduce and maintain childhood wasting to less than 10% by 2018

5. To reduce anaemia in women of reproductive age by 50% by 2018

6. To increase exclusive breastfeeding rates in the first six months to at least 50% by 2018

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